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  • San Francisco Community Fellowship

San Francisco Community Fellowship

Address: 1195 Geneva Ave.,

               San Francisco, CA 94112

Sunday Worship Service: 11:30 a.m.

Bible Study - Wednesday 6:00 PM (1 hour)

Food Pantry: Saturday 11:00 a.m.

                    - All Volunteers Welcome

Pastor Richard A. Roberts

Email address:

Phone number: 415-990-0352

Rosemarie Oberlander

Email address:

Phone number: 415-250-6342

Jing Zhang

Email address:

Phone number: 415-609-4196

​Email address:

Phone number: 415-335-2602

Cindy Wu

Email address:

Phone number: 415-816-1511

Bernadino Gonzalez

Phone number: 650-281-6110

Church Building

Phone number: 415-333-7323

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How to get to our church:

From Balboa Park BART Station

You can take Muni Bus number 8X, 8BX, 43, or 54 to Naples St/Geneva Ave, which is less than a mile away.

From Downtown San Francisco

Take #8x at Market and 3rd St. to the corner of Naples St. and Geneva Ave. The bus stop is just across the street on from our church building.

Take Muni Bus #14, 14L or 14x on Mission St. to Geneva Ave, then 8X, 8BX, 43, or 54 to Naples St, which is six short blocks away.

From Chinatown

Take 8X to 1195 Geneva Ave and Naples St.

From Daly City BART Station

Take Muni Bus #54 to Naples St/Geneva Ave.

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